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When I was growing up, a person's handshake was as good as any piece of paper a lawyer could ever write. I miss those days when a person's word was their bond. So here's my handshake. Here's my promise to you

National and international customers can return 100%* of any unused  product shipped from my warehouse/s within 30 days from date on invoice for a 15% handling charge if you just follow our  instructions.

1. Complete the Return Form, online; to receive you’re Return Authorization Number (RA Number) via email. On the form we ask why you want to return the product, but if you do not care to tell us why, don’t bother unless it is damaged. We ask so we can monitor complaints and mistakes. Check off if you want us to send a call tag (requires an appointment) or if you prefer to handle the return at your leisure.

Note: Our Product Return Form is out of service!

Please contact me directly at I will be happy to personally issue you a Return Authorization Number and tell you where to send unwanted product.

2. Once you receive your RA Number, print it clearly and BOLDLY on each of the boxes you are returning.

3. Number your boxes (i.e. #1 of 3 boxes, #2 of 3 boxes #3 of 3 boxes, etc.). Include your invoice in box #1.

4. Wait for pick up, if you chose “call tag”, or contact your local UPS division for a pick up. You can also take it to the post office, however, it is not cheaper and you will not be able to track it.

5. Note your TRACKING NUMBER in case you need to follow up.

6. Wait 5-7 UPS working days then make sure we have correctly credited your account.

Damaged product is handled a little differently as UPS may have you trash it or may want to see it, so we may need to get back to you with slightly different instructions.

Unfortunately, we can not pay the freight back (except for damaged product, which UPS reimburses) to Coconut Grove. Because we are not a giant operation and have no facility for freight "COLLECT", please don’t send anything back that way. We will take care of your problem…that’s a promise!

* The Unites States Board of Health does not allow returns on unpackaged product.

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