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PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT charge any handling fee and we do NOT have additional charges for small orders.  FedEx does have a minimum charge of $9.00 ish for even a single piece of paper.  So expect to pay this FedEx  minimum even if your order is for one package of 99 cent napkins.

I know shipping is expensive with fuel costs as they are, but is it still less expensive than doing the driving yourself.  And your time is valuable too! 
Ground FEDEX charges are a function of package weight and shipping zip code.  Some companies will give you a lowball freight charge when you place your order, then surprise you when your credit card is charged the REAL freight.  Always read the small print, which usually says that your calculated freight is only an estimation.  We tell our customers up front that their freight cost is To Be Determined (TBD).  It is only after the merchandise is boxed and weighed that we apply the actual UPS freight formula.  This is when we charge the actual freight cost (which we do not make any profit on) to your credit card.

For customer who need to know their freight cost before their order is shipped and want to approve the cost or cancel the order we ask that in the checkout process, after you choose your freight method and you come to the box labeled Special Request, you note in the box that you want to be called or emailed with the freight charge so you can approve or cancel the order.

Most orders are processed out of our warehouse in South Florida or New York.  Some items  may be shipped directly from the factory (called drop shipping).  So your order may arrive in more than one shipment.

If we are not able to meet your "need-by" date with your ENTIRE order, we will email you for instructions before sending any portion of your order.

If an item is shipped separately, drop-shipped or delayed temporarily, you will be charged separately for each shipment. 

Order will be shipped to meet your "when do you need this order by" date, not sooner. 

FedEx Ground delivery varies between 2-5 days. 

Military Bases, Alaska and International  orders will ship via U.S. Post Office.  We will add $8.00 to your total charge for insurance and return receipt.

After your order has been shipped, you can track it by clicking on the link below.  You will need your order number to track your package




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